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shaykh  Term Image (شَيْخ) Script Image
(Language:  Arabic)
Alternate Spellings: cheikh, shaikh, sheikh
Short Description: a term of respect for an elder, a chieftain, a scholar; in esoteric Islam, the head of a Sufi Order
Long Description: (1) In Islam, a Sufi or other spiritual leader or master. (2) The term is also used more generally as an honorific title for a chief or elder of a group.
Example(s): (1) The Shaykh al-‘Alawi (1869-1934) was a renowned master of Sufism whose reputation drew many aspiring disciples to his zawiyah in Mostaganem, Algeria. (2) The provinicial governor asked to speak to the skaykh of the village for advice on solving the regional problem.
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Related Terms: pir
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