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nafs  Term Image (an-nafs) Script Image
(Language:  Arabic)
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Short Description: Soul, psyche.
Long Description: The subtle reality of an individual, the “I.” As opposed to the spirit (rūḥ) or to the intellect (‘aql), the nafs appears in a negative aspect, because it is made up of the sum of individual or egocentric tendencies. But a distinction is made between: 1. an-nafs al-ḥaywāniyah : the animal soul, the soul as passively obedient to natural impulsions; 2. an-nafs al-ammārah : “the soul which commands (to evil),” the passionate, egoistic soul; 3. an-nafs al-lawwāmah : “the soul which blames,” the soul aware of its own 4. an-nafs al-mutma’innah : “the soul at peace,” the soul reintegrated in the Spirit and at rest in certainty. The last three expressions are from the Qur’ān.
Source(s): Introduction to Sufi Doctrine (by Titus Burckhardt)
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