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Ruh  Term Image (ar-Rūḥ) Script Image
(Language:  Arabic)
Alternate Spellings:
Short Description: Spirit.
Long Description: In Sufism this word includes the following meanings: 1. The Divine, and therefore uncreated Spirit (ar-Rūḥ al-ilāhī), also called ar-Rūḥ al-Qudus, the Holy Spirit; 2. The Universal, created, Spirit (ar-Rūḥ al-kullī); 3. The individual Spirit, or rather the Spirit polarized in relation to an individual; 4. The vital spirit, intermediate between soul and body.
Source(s): Introduction to Sufi Doctrine (by Titus Burckhardt)
Notes & References: “And they will question thee on the subject of the spirit; say to them: the spirit (comes from) the command (amr) of my Lord…” (Qur’ān 17:85). Christ is called Rūḥ Allāh, “Spirit of God.”
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