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Amr  Term Image (al-’amr) Script Image
(Language:  Arabic)
Alternate Spellings:
Short Description: Order, commandment.
Long Description: In theology: the Divine command symbolized by the creative word kun “be”: “His command (amruhu), when He wills a thing, is that He says to it: ‘be’ and ‘it is’” (Qur’ān 36:82). The Command corresponds to the Word, and indeed in Aramaic the word amr has this meaning. The Divine Command also corresponds to the Pure Act and, as such, is opposed to the pure passivity of Nature (at-Ṭabī‘ah).
Source(s): Introduction to Sufi Doctrine (by Titus Burckhardt)
Notes & References: See Qur’ān (3:59): “In the sight of God, Jesus is what Adam is. God created him from dust; then He said to him: Be! (Kun) And he was”; and “The Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, is the messenger of God and His word (kalimatuhu) which He projected on to Mary, and His spirit…” (4:171).
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