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Ka‘ba  Term Image (Ka‘ba) Script Image
(Language:  Arabic)
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Short Description: The Black Cube, the primordial house of worship in Mecca that is the holiest site in Islam, and to which all Muslims orient themselves when praying.
Long Description: The primordial house of worship in Mecca that, according to Islamic tradition, was built originally by Adam as a temple to God and was later reconstructed by Abraham and his son, Ishmael. In the period immediately preceding the advent of Islam, the Ka’ba had become the center of several idolatrous cults throughout the Arabian peninsula and idols were to be found in, around, and on top of, the sanctuary. With the conquest of Mecca by the Muslims, the Prophet of Islam destroyed all of these idols and rededicated the Ka’ba to the worship of God alone. All Muslims, no matter where they are on the earth, turn to face this primordial temple to God in performing their daily prayers. It is considered the holiest site in Islam.
Source(s): Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition, edited by Dr. Joseph Lumbard
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