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apeiron  Term Image (απειρον) Script Image
(Language:  Greek)
Alternate Spellings:
Short Description: (apeiros, apeiria): lacking of limit, unlimitted
Long Description: (apeiros, apeiria): lacking of limit, unlimitted, as an opposite to peras, a bound; the even as an opposite to the odd; this is a fundamental Pythagorean term, designating one of the main principles of manifested being; the Pythagorean Unlimitted is indefinite and in need of Limit, it is infinite in a negative sense as infinitely divisible; in Neoplatonism, peras and apeiron constitute the primal archetypal duality located somewhere between the ineffable One and the noetic cosmos.
Source(s): The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Platonic and Pythagorean Philosophy, by Dr. Algis Uždavinys
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