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mustagogia  Term Image (μυσταγωγια) Script Image
(Language:  Greek)
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Short Description: an initiation into a mystery
Long Description: an initiation into a mystery; leading and guidance of the initiate ( mustes, plural, mustai) to the telesterion where initiations take place; a mystagogue is the introducer into the mysteries, the leading priest, instructor or spiritual guide; Proclus viewed the philosophy of Plato as a ‘mystagogy’ an ‘initiation into the holy mysteries themselves’ ( Plat.Theol.I.1); for the Byzantine Christians, a mystagogy means a liturgical contemplation of the mystery of the Church.
Source(s): The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Platonic and Pythagorean Philosophy, by Dr. Algis Uždavinys
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