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muthos  Term Image (μυθος) Script Image
(Language:  Greek)
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Short Description: myth, tale
Long Description: myth, tale; legomena, ‘things recited’, in the Eleusinian mysteries, i.e. the recitations of the hieros logos, belong to the sphere of myth; the one-sided opposition between an irrational muthos and rational logos in Hellenic philosophy and culture, established by the modern scholarship, is wrong, because even in Plato myths constitute the essential part of philosophy; all true myths require a proper cosmological and metaphysical exegesis; according to Proclus, the hieratic myths have certain inner meaning ( huponoia) and conceal secret or unspoken ( apporrheton) doctrines, sometimes inspired or revealed by the gods themselves; Sallustius associates the highest level of myth with the transcendent divine reality and the lowest with the deceptive perceptions within the realm of the senses; thus a Myth (like Hindu Maya) is tantamount to the manifested cosmos itself, understood as the visible veil of the hidden invisible truth.
Source(s): The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Platonic and Pythagorean Philosophy, by Dr. Algis Uždavinys
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