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telete  Term Image (τελετη) Script Image
(Language:  Greek)
Alternate Spellings:
Short Description: initiation, the rite of initiation
Long Description: initiation, the rite of initiation; to initiate is telein or else muein; the initiate is called mustes, the ritual of initiation – telete, and the building where initiation takes place – telesterion; telete is also used for religious celebration generally; the mysteries are called teletai; in Neoplatonism, souls follow the mystery-rites (teletai) and prepare for the beholding of the realities of Being; acording to Proclus, faith ( pistis) is the cause of the ineffable initiation: ‘for on the whole the initiation does not happen through intellection and judgment, but through the silence which is unifying and is superior to every cognitive activity’ (Plat.Theol.IV.31.8-16).
Source(s): The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Platonic and Pythagorean Philosophy, by Dr. Algis Uždavinys
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