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sannyasa   Term Image (saṃnyāsa) Script Image
(Language:  Sanskrit)
Alternate Spellings: samnyasa
Short Description: Renunciation of the world and its attachments.
Long Description: Renunciation of the world and its attachment; the formal breaking of all ties to family, caste, and property at the outset of the final stage of life. A sannyasin (saṃnyāsin) is an ascetic, one who has renounced the world. Sannyas-asrama (Saṃnyās-āśrama) is the last of the four stages in a man's life wherein the forest-dweller renounces the world and directs all effort towards liberation.
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Related Terms: brahmacarya grhastha (alt: grihastha) vanaprastha
Provided By: Dictionary of Spiritual Terms