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Kannagi  Term Image (kaṇṇagī) Script Image
(Language:  Tamil)
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Short Description: A character in Silappadikram, by Ilango Acligall. Also, "Wife goddess", a model of chastity.
Long Description: She is much revered among Tamils and her story is told in the Silappadikram, one of the five great Tamil poetic works. Silappadikaram is by Ilango Acligal, a Cera prince who is ascribed by some historians to the 2nd century C.E. Kannagi's husband, Kovalan, is unjustly accused of having stolen the anklet of the Pandyan queen and put to death. She proves his innocence and in her wrath plucks out one of her breasts and hurls it over Madurai. The city is engulfed in flames. To Tamils Kannagi is the "Wife goddess", a model of chastity. The story of Silappadikaram links the three kingdoms of the ancient Tamil land, Chola, Cera and Pandya.
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