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Otttakuttar   Term Image (oṭ ṭtakūttar (oṭ ṭakūttan)) Script Image
(Language:  Tamil)
Alternate Spellings: Ottakuttan
Short Description: "Emperor of poets" known as being a great devotee of the goddess, Sarasvati.
Long Description: Like Kambar he too had the title of "kavicakravarti" or "emperor of poets". He was patronized by three successive Chola monarchs, Vikrama, Kulottunga II and Rajaraja I1. Ottakuttar has com­posed two paranis, the Kalingattu parani and the Dakkayaga-parani. (A parani is a war-poem, by definition one that celebrates the victory of a hero who destroys a thousand elephants of the enemy's forces and an equal number of horses and chariots.) Ottakuttar was a great devotee of Sarasvati and one of the rare temples to this goddess is said to have been built by him at Kuttanur.
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